Let’s Connect Kids

At Bonita Kids club, children will enjoy themselves a safe environment and make new friends at the same time.


Our Mission



Note from the president to parents/guardians

If you want your kid(s) to have fun you should enroll them in Bonita Kid’s Club where EVERYONE has fun. If you want some time to yourselves, then Bonita Kids Club is a good option because it is a safe and less costly way to ensure your children enjoy every moment. After all, we care about their health, safety, education, and most importantly fun for your children. And if you, do you will realize they have increased their Intelligence by 100.99% And they will come home with a smile. SO, SEND YOUR KIDS TO BONITA KID’S CLUB.

What we teach.

If you decide to send your kid(s) to Bonita Kid’s Club you will realize that they have a ton of fun, but what did they learn? The answers are here. They have learned how to interact with other kids by playing and discussing different subjects. They have learned to influence people toward the right cause, to debate in a respectful way, to be loyal to you and their friends, to fight but only when needed and to learn to control their anger and frustration.



Our Guidelines

We keep your children fit in PE. We start by doing warmups and then we play in the fields. Your kids will go outside if the temperature is less than 90°. If it is higher, then they will not go outside. If it is raining then that is a reason to stay inside, sometimes they will take field trips to the park. Rest assured that your kids will enjoy it!

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